About Us

Guaranteed Energy Solutions is a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and monitoring of unique equipment that stabilizes and corrects power flow to equipment in both commercial and residential applications. We develop comprehensive energy saving solutions that provide significant financial benefits to our clients, and further increase the longevity and life-span of their electrical equipment.

There is no magic or mystery in the service that our company performs, we simply utilize equipment that we design to optimize the power flow to equipment thereby enhancing its performance and power consumption, the end result is simple math. In doing so, we are able to precisely manage the power flow to equipment which results in increased longevity of the equipment, optimized equipment performance and most importantly, a significant financial savings for the company or resident that owns and operates the equipment.

The products and equipment that our company designs and utilizes are manufactured in the United States, and are designed as 'environmentally friendly' products. They are designed to our specification and carry our brand names of EnergyGuard®, Energy Savings® and Utility Savings® and have a proven track record in energy efficiency management for many years. The technology employed in this energy saving process is patented and the performance of each unit is completely guaranteed.

In addition to Power Factor Optimization equipment, our company also designs specialized surge suppression equipment that may be installed to protect any equipment from electrical surge damage.

Did you know that power surges can occur hundreds of thousands of times per hour, causing equipment to run hotter, thereby shortening its life or instantly destroying it?

Guaranteed Energy Solutions offers a full product line of Power Quality Systems that protect valuable electrical systems from the effects of these damaging surges and harmful harmonic distortion. These products increase the life of a client's expensive equipment, and reduce maintenance costs by as much as 30-50%.  In addition, by stabilizing the flow of current to alluser sources, there is a dramatic reduction in the overall power consumption!

We are unique in that we are able to provide our clients products that have unparalleled warranties and guarantees backed by a 100% support service. In certain applications we are even able to provide our clients with a guarantee that is underwritten by a third party insurance company.

Accordingly, we believe that our product and services are extremely valuable and beneficial for all companies and institutions, and have a very definitive role in residential applications. Our equipment and process will unequivocally improve the energy efficiency of most electricalequipment where our product is installed, and clients will realize significant financial savings with prudent investment that correlates to a sound ROI based upon measurable results!