CEO’s Message

David Tricker

Our corporate goal, our mission and vision, our corporate being if you will, is all fully embraced in the 'Tag-Line' that attaches to our logo, and is registered as a copyright, because it succinctly sets forth who we are, and what we do...Preserving the environment with energy astuteness!

We have designed and developed Power Factor Optimization Devices and Efficiency Enhancement Controls, installed at the 'Point of Consumption,' to better serve electric utility customers. Our goal is to make a valued contribution economically, and to help keep our planet green by reducing the carbon footprint, the demand on the electric grid and put into service a viable means for government, industry, commerce and the public sector to become significantly more efficient with their use of electricity.

Our team's dedication exemplifies our very purpose and mission, which is to provide the most easily accessible, cost effective and certified Power Optimization devices to our entire customer base while maintaining the highest standards in quality, service and support. We are empowered to achieve these objectives through our 'Team,' and their strong desire to achieve maintain at the highest level, all disciplines within our corporate environment to assure the design, development and manufacture of first class energy efficiency products, and the commitment of unparalleled service to our customers. This combined with a foundation set upon strong Christian principles, honesty and integrity sets a benchmark for the industry.

Our company's growth while dynamic is structured and organized, and in the very near future we will open our new Midwest facility in Ohio. Synergy, commitment and dedication within our organization secures this growth, and our desire to preserve and improve the planet assures us of future success.

David W. Tricker