Company Information

In the summer of 2010 a corporate alliance and partnership was formed between two energy saving companies,  IGAI and  Guaranteed Energy Solutions. Both are privately held corporations with the primary goal of reducing and controlling the spiraling utility costs for  governmental, commercial,  industrial  and residential users. This collaborative effort has empowered both organizations to grow exponentially and accordingly has facilitated tremendous utility cost savings for many US corporations. Since utility costs continue to escalate throughout our nation, the growth for this corporate group is fast paced!

With over fourteen years of experience IGAI and  Guaranteed Energy Solutions have proven and documented track records in the electrical protection and  savings arena. There are two areas of expertise that set these companies apart from their competition in this industry. Firstly, we are contracted by companies to  analyze and assess their electrical power consumption, and to design specialized and patented equipment that significantly reduces their utility cost. This is accomplished through 'Power Factor  Optimization.' Because there is a symbiotic relationship between a motor/compressor’s power factor, amperage draw and electrical costs, we are able to calculate exactly how much money will be saved via power factor optimization. This is a huge benefit to any corporate bottom line, resulting in a 'Return on Investment' (ROI) that can be between  just eight and twenty-four months. The investment community does not offer such returns.

The second area of expertise is  to protect their sensitive equipment from atmospheric conditions along with external (surges from the electric company) and internal (transient voltage surges) conditions. It is well documented that eliminating these surges reduces maintenance costs, downtime and the operating temperature of various equipment. In addition the surge protection supplies clients with $100K connected warranty and a “No Questions Asked” lifetime product warranty.
Succinctly stated, our goal is to make a valued contribution economically, and to helpkeep our planet green by reducing the carbon footprint, the demand on the electric grid and put into service a viable means for government, industry, commerce and the public sector to become significantly more efficient with their use of electricity.

Guaranteed  Energy Solutions, Inc. is a member of  The Sovereign Group of Companies.