Corporate Leadership

 Key Personnel:

David Tricker is the President and CEO of the company, and has extensive experience in corporate management and sales and marketing management both in the United States and overseas. Tricker has held senior management positions with major US corporations and for the last several years has Chaired The Sovereign Group of Companies, a diversified group that through several distinct corporate entities embraces all aspects of real estate technology and development.

Tricker considers his civic responsibilities a high priority and serves on the Board of Trustees for the YMCA of the Palms, and also Chairs their Property Committee and Chairs the Annual Support Campaign. He is also on the Board of Directors for Protected Harbor, a ministry established to build homes for developmentally disabled people. In addition, Tricker is very active in his church, First Baptist Church of Naples, and occupies leadership positions in the Men’s Ministry, Small Group program and Faith Evangelism.

Tricker was born in England, and was educated in both England and the United States; he holds a science degree from Essex University in England, and a business degree from Columbia University in New York. Tricker is a naturalized American citizen, and has been a Florida resident since 1979. In addition, Tricker has resided in England, Dubai and Bahrain.

Thomas Chubokas is the Vice President of Technology and Product Development. Chubokas has a proven track record of interfacing, negotiating and executing contracts with outsourcing entities, vendors and high profile clients at the executive level. Chubokas has been active in this industry for the past 12 years, and has developed the technology that is integrated into our products.

Chubokas will bring together the team of professionals that will establish our manufacturing entity, and will oversee all aspects of our technical field operations ensuring that data retrieval is managed efficiently and effectively.

Chubokas has served on the Board of several publicly traded companies and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Cleveland State University and holds a Double Major in Political Science & English /Minor in Communications (Pre-Law).

Thomas Yavorsky is Vice President of Sales and oversees all aspects of our sales program. In particular, he will be responsible for the development and servicing of major accounts, and has a very broad base of high level contacts through his affiliation with companies in the art and high-end marine industries.

Yavorsky built a remarkably successful and nationally recognized career in highend marine sales specializing in high performance recreational marine vessel distribution.  His meteoric rise was propelled by thirty-six months of artfully driven sales resulting in revenues surpassing 100 million dollars, and the development and maintenance of a coveted, international client base.

Yavorsky's expertise in the presentation and sale of high-end commodities led him to venture into the world of fine art, and the production of one of the world’s most exclusive luxuries, bronze sculpture. As President and CEO of a major art group, he transformed productivity through the conscientious acquisition of foundry facilities, the cultivation of positive foundry relations, the execution of tireless casting quality control, and the initiation of and participated in event marketing. He skillfully managed all staff, including recruitment, training, promotion, marketing and budgeting.