Corporate Objectives


A cornerstone of Guaranteed Energy Solutions' philosophy is the conviction that all employees, at every location and at the corporate office, share a common objective of providing quality service to the many different customers of our business. This can only be accomplished through a 'Team' approach that embodies a spirit of cooperation with a central focus on the needs of those we serve.

Equally important to the Guaranteed Energy Solutions philosophy is the understanding that the Company does not stand apart from society. It is an integral part of the communities we serve. The Company draws from and contributes to the resources of our communities and seeks to enhance those community resources whenever possible. A successful company is sensitive to its customers, employees, associates, suppliers, and investors.

Primary Objectives

Because of these convictions, Guaranteed Energy Solutions is committed to several primary objectives:

 Provide the highest quality of service to our customers and the communities we serve.

 Provide employees, associates and agents with a satisfying and rewarding work environment.

 Provide an attractive return on investment to those who are investors in the Company.

 Function as a good corporate citizen in the communities we serve.

 Manage our business in a manner that maintains uniform strength and identity while allowing individuals the degree of independence necessary to maximize innovation and efficiency and meet the individual needs of our customer base.