Corporate Philosophies

Goals and Objectives

The achievement of our fundamental objectives is dependent upon the establishment of goals and the daily operation of the Company within a set of basic principles and values. Guaranteed Energy Solutions will constantly seek to operate its business in a manner which enhances its reputations as:

1. An Exceptional Employer

2. A Good Corporate Citizen

3. A Growing and Profitable Organization

4. An Organization which Demonstrates the Highest Ethical Standards

An Exceptional Employer

Guaranteed Energy Solutions seeks to maintain and enhance its reputation as an outstanding employer. This goal is achieved through the following management principles:

 Setting challenging, but achievable, performance objectives. Providing reward and recognition consistent with associates' contributions.

 Creating a work environment that encourages teamwork as well as individual superior performance.

 Providing opportunities for individual growth and achievement which are based on performance without regard to religion, race, sex, age, or handicap.

 Providing a management style that allows for open communication and shows respect for the knowledge and contribution of every associate.

A Good Corporate Citizen

Guaranteed Energy Solutions recognizes that a positive, constructive relationship with the communities where it operates its business is vital to its corporate success. The collective policies and actions of the company and its staff must constantly seek to assure the Company's reputation as a good corporate citizen. Such a reputation is achieved by:

 Utilizing Company resources, including the creative talents of associates, to benefit the needs of the community.

 Conducting business in a manner which contributes to the economic viability of the community.

 Supporting public policies that enhance business operations and promote the interests of the community and its citizens.

 Operating our business with a sensitivity to the natural environment of our communities.

A Growing and Profitable Organization

Guaranteed Energy Solutions is committed to a policy of steady growth based on the principles of a well-developed business plan. The growth achieved in earnings will reward those who are served by, employed by, work with and invest in the Company. The growth in earnings will allow Guaranteed Energy Solutions to:

 Attract and reward additional investment in the Company.

 Provide the highest quality of service to the customers we serve.

 Attract and retain the highest caliber of associates.

 Operate within the communities we serve as good corporate citizens.

Highest Ethical Standards

Long-term success cannot be achieved without each and every associate adhering to the highest level of ethical conduct in every facet of the job they perform. These standards of ethics include:

 Providing care to our customers in a manner which respects the individual dignity of each and every person.

 Supporting our employees in a mutual effort to provide the highest quality of service.

 Respecting the individual and collective interests of associates.

 Conducting business in a manner which upholds the highest standards of ethics and applicable laws.

The Guaranteed Energy Solutions philosophy, outlined in these goals and principles, is fundamental to serving the needs of all those associated with the Company. Through a dedicated effort by the management in providing a creative, supportive working environment, and a commitment by all Company associates, these goals and objectives will be met and surpassed. Guaranteed Energy Solutions is dedicated to this ideal because it is right… and it works!