Financial Returns


In an era where managing ones overhead is accepted as challenging is an understatement, and making a profit is seemingly becoming more difficult, we are enthused to present both businesses and individuals with a concise and tangible way to save money. There is no speculation, there is no question as to whether it will work, it's just pure math!

Understanding the data and detailing the's pure math. Since the technology employed in our products is, while scientific, nevertheless fairly simple to detail, and therefore offers a manufacture capability in terms of a production line, by semi-skilled assembly workers versus a dedicated scientific team, we are able to offer our products at highly economicalprices. The products have been patented, and it is also in process to patent the specific technology we employ that we have devised and designed in the products application and installation, we can nevertheless maintain a pricing structure that is affordable for all customers.

The most fiscally attractive aspect of our business is that by sophisticated testing and analysis of a prospective client's equipment, we are able to discern to the penny what their equipment is costing to run before the installation of our equipment, and further to concisely indentify what their equipment will cost to run following the installation of our equipment. The result is a precise analysis of the yieldfor any prospective client. The only variables to consider are future increases in electricity costs, which are certain and any modification of use of the equipment by our clients. Profitability is clearly defined, and any speculation is eliminated by scientific data! Accordingly, we are able to further detail the ROI (Return on Investment) for all of our clients.  Typically we find that a client's ROI will range from 8 months to 2 years.

It's important to note, that this process applies and functions for all of our customers, whethergovernmental, industrial, commercial or residential. The process is the's all math!

Primary Objectives

As a result of these parameters, Guaranteed Energy Solutions is committed to several primary objectives:

 Provide the highest quality of service to our customers.

 Maximize savings for all clients, and structure our proposals to yield the highest ROI.

 Provide a fiscally attractive financial model which offers a purchase menu for every client.

 Provide ongoing data analysis services to monitor our equipment's performance for our clients.

 Provide guaranteed savings for all our customers along with the assurance that they have the best technical equipment available.