Financing Options

There are four financial options that we may consider offering a client. The first two options are available to all clients, and the latter two are reserved for clients where we can clearly define an ROI of twenty months or less.

The Options

Outright Purchase: the client provides a 50% initial deposit, and the balance is paid once our installation is completed.

Traditional Bank Lease: A 48 or 60 month lease may be offered that may be financed through several lenders that are available to us. The client pays the first two monthly payments in advance, plus a $150.00 document fee.

Six months 'Same as Cash:' This requires the client to pay a 10% deposit upon execution of our Purchase Agreement and beginning the calendar month of the installation, the balance amount is divided into six equal monthly payments. This option is funded directly by our company, and is predicated upon the soundness of our client.

Revenue Sharing: We enter into a five-year Agreement whereby we, Guaranteed Energy Solutions share in the monthly savings with our client.  Specifically, this option requires no capital outlay for the client, and we will share in the savings at the rate of 75/25 for the first two years and 50/50 thereafter. Our Agreementoffers a 'buy-out' at the end of the contract term, or the Agreement automatically renews for another five-year period.

Our company enters into a contractual relationship whereby we will provide all of the equipment necessary to satisfy our client's requirements. We enter into a 'Revenue-Sharing' Agreement, where we divide the savings each month on the client's power consumption. Specifically, we will receive 75% of the monthly savings each month, for the first two years, until such times as we have more than recovered our equipment and installation costs. The subsequent years we convert to a 50/50 sharing program, whereby the client enjoys a 50% share of the monthly savings, and we receive the remaining 50% share.

Naturally, we enter into a formal business agreement detailing the above.  It is also necessary for us to be named as a third-party recipient of each client's utility bills, and our agreement would reflect kilowatt consumption, rather than dollars expended. We further require notification of any increase or decrease in the size and scope of any client location, to include electrical equipment changes, since this might require a reevaluation of the site, and accordingly a realignment of our revenue sharing agreement.

During the term of our agreement we provide an unlimited warranty for our equipment, and we anticipate that at the end of the five year period, that the client renews the agreement, and both companies to continue to enjoy in this revenue sharing program.