Revenue Sharing

It is clearly evident from the information contained in the other sections of our website, and the roster of our satisfied clients that the company enjoys, that the service we offer is of high benefit to the end user. While the equipment that we use should not be termed 'rocket science,' the application and the management of said equipment is proprietary to Guaranteed Energy Solutions!

Accordingly, we believe that our product and services are extremely valuable and beneficial for all sectors of government, industry, commerce, and have a very definitive role in residential applications. Our equipment and process will unequivocally improve the energy efficiency of most electrical equipment where the product is installed, and clients will realize significant financial savings withtheir prudent investment that correlates to a sound ROI!

The philosophy of our business management is to provide win-win scenarios for our clients, and our Revenue Sharing program exemplifies same. Succinctly stated, there is a 'zero' downside for our clients, and we believe so strongly in our product and the performance that it carries, that we are prepared to make a significant financial investment in our clients.

When a client qualifies and elects to enter into a Revenue Sharing agreement it removes any and all financial obligation for that client. There are no budgetary issues to contemplate and zero capital expenditure!

Our Revenue Sharing program provides for us to analyze a client's equipment, design and manufacture the product necessary to fulfill the client's needs, install the equipment at the client's facility, monitor the performance of the equipment, and ensure that the equipment performs and functions correctly at all times. We do all of this without collecting a single dollar from the client.

We enter into an agreement with our client for a term of five years. During this period we will share in the utility savings with the client. Specifically, for the first two years we will take 75% of the savings, and for the remaining three years we will share equally with the client the savings that are created by our equipment. At the end of the contract term, the client has three options: renew the agreement based on an ongoing even share of the savings; buy the equipment at a preferred 'buy-out' rate; or terminate the contract. Obviously the latter makes no business since, since the client has been enjoying profits for five years!

Our Revenue Sharing program is a viable mechanism for any company or individual to immediately cease the opportunity to effectively save significantly on electrical utility expenses. As with any other business we operate to make a profit, and this program demonstrates the strength of our product and our commitment to 'Preserving the environment with energy astuteness!!!'

Revenue Sharing provides an unprecedented opportunity for any prospective customer, and is not available anywhere else!