Investor Relations

Guaranteed Energy Solutions is able to offer a variety of very unique investment opportunities to both qualified individual investors and investment brokerage houses. Specifically, we can provide high yield investments at very low risk, based upon our Revenue Sharing program.


Our Revenue Sharing program allows high caliber or ‘blue chip’ corporate clients to acquire our equipment at no cost to them, but in turn they execute a five year agreement based upon a clearly defined share of their savings revenues. Since Guaranteed Energy Solutions measures the equipment savings scientifically, and controls all of the data, the savings are a precisely determined math computation. There is no speculation or estimated performance, the return calculation is pure math!

Based upon this process, we can clearly define our revenue flow from a client under this program for a period of five years. Accordingly, we are able to offer investors preferred returns on a one to five year investment offering, and really the only identifiable risk is if the company should fall into bankruptcy. Even then, our agreement with our client allows us to recover all of our equipment, so in reality the risk is zero! Furthermore, since this program is only ever offered to high caliber clients, with very strong financial statements, even this risk is virtually eliminated.

If you are a conservative investor seeking high and stable returns on your investment, please contact us through our confidential email link at: