LED Solutions

Guaranteed Energy Solutions offers a complete and comprehensive range of LED products.  We provide indoor and outdoor solutions and all of our products carry a five year warranty.


led light1

We offer a complete range of Outdoor Street and Parking Lot lighting, which provides a better lighting capability than traditional sodium, incandescent or flood lighting, and operates for a mere fraction of the cost

led light 2

Our Wall Pack and Overhead lights maximize lumen spread, can operate by motion sensor, and again operate at a mere fraction of their non-LED counterparts.

led light 3

All interior lighting can be provided to replace just existing light bulbs or fluorescent tubes, or the complete fixture may be changed. The replacement of T-8 and T-12 tube lights is very popular, because you require fewer tubes and they operate at a fraction of the cost while still providing the same amount of light or better!

led light 4

Indoor and outdoor bulbs can be replaced at minimal cost and will function in the identical manner with color and lumen choices. A good example is that we can replace a traditional 75 watt incandescent bulb with an LED bulb which provides the very same amount of light, but only consumes 8 watts.


Once again, the savings are not magic, just pure math!

All products areUL rating  rated and certified.


For larger commercial clients we are able to provide Custom Photometric Lighting Layouts, to ensure that we provide more than adequate lighting, but maximize the savings for the client!

lighting schematic

Custom Photometric Lighting Layout.