Guaranteed Energy Solutions is a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and monitoring of unique equipment that stabilizes and corrects power flow to equipment in both commercial and residential applications. We develop comprehensive energy saving solutions that provide significant financial benefits to our clients, and further increase the longevity and life-span of their electrical equipment.

Upon your approval, we would install Utility Savings® equipment at all of your electrical panels, between the power source and the panel. Once the equipment has been installed at this location, we will undertake close monitoring of its performance, and ensure accordingly that it provides the efficiency performance detailed in this document. Within a further 90 to 120 days we would embark on the installation at the next location to be determined by your management.

Efficiency Rewards: As we have represented to your company, we are able to confirm that your reduction of electrical consumption will be more than 20%.  Based upon our site evaluations, this would equate to a significant financial saving. The further cost savings on equipment and maintenance are more difficult to define, but clearly our products would be a highly valued fiscal asset to your company, and all equipment protected by our system would benefit from dramatically increased longevity; this would include: lighting, computersystems, cooling and heating systems, any form of electric motors, elevators, specialized electrical equipment, etc., etc.