Methodology: The Process

Our Sales and Closing process is essentially a seven-step process and involves both sales and technical personnel.

The Process

 The Initial Sales Presentation
 A Site Survey
 Equipment Testing
 A Review of the Data, and execution of a Purchase Agreement
 Manufacture of the equipment Installation of our equipment
 Ongoing monitoring of the equipment

Our Initial Sales Presentation is designed to acquaint the client with our products and to demonstrate how we can benefit them. There is no consumer of electrical power that we cannot offer a tangible benefit to and a savings financially!

The Site Survey may often be conducted by the sales person, since it is a visual overview of a client's equipment, and the information is recorded onto a survey document.

The Equipment Testing is performed by a skilled technician who attaches our measuring devices to the client's equipment and secures very precise data as to the operation of said equipment. It is from this data that we are able to precisely inform the client as to the exact consumption savings from the use and installation of our equipment, and accordingly what they will realize in financial savings.

We meet to Review the Data with our client, and subsequently submit our proposal and Purchase Agreement. Our proposals are extremely detailed, and not only define the client direct savings, but also detail the tax savings the client will accrue from the installation of our equipment. There are four financial options that we are able to offer many clients, and they are addressed in the next section of this Summary, under the section 'The Financial Model.'

We continue to monitor the performance of our equipment and detail reports to our clients every three months. In our 'Revenue Sharing' program this monitoring is essential, since we monitor performance and bill our clients on a monthly basis.

Once we have tested all of a client's equipment, we will design the appropriate Power Factor Correction and/or TVSS devices that will be installed at the client's locations. Based on our testing and the data calculations, we are able to discern precisely what the client savings will be on an monthly basis. Accordingly, we may present this to our client and confirm definitively what the ROI performance is for the client based upon their purchase. This is also an important calculation for us to use to determine whether the client may be eligible for our 'Revenue Sharing' program.

To reiterate, once the equipment has been installed at the client locations, we will undertake close monitoring of its performance, and ensure accordingly that it provides the efficiency performance detailed in our initial proposals.

Efficiency Rewards

In the majority of commercial applications we are able to confirm that a client's reduction of electrical consumption will yield a 15% - 30% saving. In many instances, where large motorized equipment is used, the savings may be much higher. Obviously this equates to a significant financial saving. The further cost savings on equipment and maintenance are more difficult to define, but it may be represented and confirmed that a client's equipment will have dramatically increased longevity and lower maintenance requirements.