Smart Valve – Water Conservation



Guaranteed Energy Solutions provides a powerful solution for clients that use a significant amount of water during the course of their business. The SmartValve™ system provides for significant savings on Water, Sewer and Heating bills.


The system is a patented design but functions in a simplistic way and the results are proven!

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Brains for your Water Meter

Save Money on Water, Sewer, and Water Heating Bills

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How it Works:

1.  It Condenses The Air In Your Water – You are being over-charged at your meter because you are paying for water - and air!

2.  It Helps Regulate The Water Flow – Spring tension reduces flow surges, helping with over-consumption and  over-spinning of the water meter during heavy usage.

3. It Helps Regulate The Pressure - Over pressure can cause increased consumption of water and additional maintenance costs. Most water devices are designed to work at 65 PSI. City water can be much higher.


Is there really air in my water?


There is no debate that air flows through your water line along with the water. Water systems are designed with this fact in mind for preventing potentially serious problems such as air blocks and hammering. The only real question is: how much air? The amount is not constant and is affected by factors such as pressure, temperature, and also the design and condition of the water supply system. It can vary from a little to a lot at any given time.


How much money will I save…$$$?


The amount of money you will save is determined by a number of factors, including:

City pressure (PSI)

Flow rate and flow capacity (GPM)

The amount of air in the line at any given time

The savings you will experience is impossible to accurately predict and will vary by the conditions above. On average, our customers see +/- 12% savings, but we have seen users save as high as 30% and as low as 8% in any given month.


Why is SmartValve™ Custom-made?


Conditions can vary widely by location, as each water system is unique. We customize each valve to be calibrated for optimum performance in your local conditions and configure the easiest possible installation within your specific water system.


How difficult is it to install the SmartValve™


The SmartValve™ Sales Representative can arrange installation for you by a qualified and licensed plumber based on a coordinated schedule with facility management.


Product Fact:

  • NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 certified
  • 90 day–No questions asked guarantee
  • 10 year warranty
  • No maintenance and no operational costs
  • Installed by licensed, insured plumbers



Financial Benefits:


  • Save money on water bills
  • Stop paying for air in your water lines
  • Reduce water volume with minimal pressure change
  • Save on your sewer bill if it is linked to your water meter.
  • Reduced fuel costs from heating hot water.
  • Lower maintenance on water fixtures if your building has higher than 65 psi.

Average savings between 10-25%

Average rate of return is between 2-2.5 years

We are willing to back this product with no money down shared savings option and a 90-day, any questions asked, satisfaction guarantee.


Key Points in your decision…


  • You only pay for water…
  • Stabilizing effect on flow and pressure
  • Saves 10% and more on your water bill
  • 90 day “no questions asked” removal
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warrantee
  • Consistent 2 – 2.5 year payback with 10% savings
  • Shared Savings available – no money down

Cost reductions equal increase in asset value

Let us reduce your water bill!!

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