The technology employed in our products is, while scientific, nevertheless fairly simple to detail, and therefore offers a manufacture capability by semiskilled assembly workers versus a dedicated scientific team.

Components of the product have been patented, and it is also our short term plan to patent the specific products that we produce as well as the technology that we have devised in the products application and installation.

The most fiscally attractive aspect of our business is that by sophisticated testing and analysis of a prospective client's equipment, we are able to discern to the penny what their equipment is costing to run before the installation of our equipment, and further to concisely indentify what their equipment will cost to run following the installation of our equipment. The result is a precise analysis of our profitability from any prospective client. The only variables to consider are future increases in electricity costs, which are certain, and any modification of use of the equipment by our clients. Profitability is clearly defined, and any speculation is eliminated by scientific data!