How It Works

Reducing energy consumption by providing patented power factor optimization!!!

Our energy optimizers reclaim, store and supply power to inductive motors and loads.Considering all induction loads consume two kinds of power: Reactive power and working power of kilowatt. The working power performs the work of the motor. The only function of reactive power is to develop the electromagnetic fields (EMF's) to ground the induction windings of the motor. The Utility Savings®™ Power Optimization Unit stores the reactive power needed to create EMF's within the inductive loads.

As the motor operates, this reactive power is ‘pulled and pushed’ to and from the  Utility Savings®™ Power Optimization Unit by the motor. Reactive  power is now reclaimed and recycled by the  Utility Savings®™ Power Optimization Unit resulting in such power being supplied on the spot. Since reactive power is supplied locally, motors  run cooler and more efficiently, thereby reducing maintenance expenses and increasing longevity!

Results are threefold and are significant in terms of dollar savings on your energy bill, in terms of energy and electric demand being saved, and in terms of longer equipment life!